Hipwebcams is a great free cam website, and as they promise, it will always stay like that. However, it does work the same as other webcam sites.

One thing that I did not find entertaining from the very beginning is that you can only list all of the cams that are available, and not only the channels that are live at this exact moment. But, unlike many other cam sites, you have great search options on top, and make sure to check that out if you have a particular taste.

If you scroll to the end of the site, you will get a description that will tell you all the necessary info about the site and how you are supposed to use it. However, since the site is free, you already know what you need to do. Find the woman that makes your pants dance, and enjoy watching her live sow.

You also have an option to create an account, but why would you do that if the site is free? Well, if you create an account, you can get a bit more personal with your wonderful webcam girl, and you will be able to leave likes, dislikes, use the chatroom more often, and the best of all, you will be able to tip your favorite cam girl.

The reason why one would want to tip their princess should be fairly obvious; with a great tip, there is an even greater performance. Find the beauty of your dreams, and be nice to her, as you tip her to do something quite naughty. You can allways be sure that some of the ladies will gladly have a private cam session just for you.


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