Similarly to other sites such as Xvideos or PornHub, xHamster offers a bit of everything too. However, this site does have an enormous number of videos you can view for free, and the best thing is that almost all of them can be viewed in HD unless they are posted by other amateurs or they are the older ones. While xHamster has many amateur clips, it has a lot of pornstar videos too, and sometimes they are the ones that you can view only if you pay, while here you get to do that for free.

One the left side of the site’s homepage, you have a long list of categories by which you can list the videos, and the first one will always be the tag of your country. This means that you can find porn clips with your language quite fast, and if you are not interested in that just explore the rest of the tags, because there is quite a lot you get to explore.

Since xHamster is a friendly site, you will not only get a simple yet stylish design, you will also be able to become a member for free and upload your own clips if you want. However this site also offers a premium option for its users, but you do not have to take it.

In the premium section, you will get a ton of new premium clips that can be viewed if you become a premium gold member, which will cost you €19.99/month, or you can purchase clips that you want by buying tokens. Usually, 1 clip will cost you 100 tokens or €12. This is why it is much better to purchase the monthly membership since with it you will get an option to view 1100 hours of premium porn clips!


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