With a straight-forward name such as, you should be able to guess what the site is about. However, you are also in for a surprise, because this site is not a typical cam site, like what one might assume, it is more of a forum website instead.

With its simple and pink design, it is very easy on the eyes, but not so much at night. You will get all the usual aspects of the forum sites, so if you are familiar with other forums, you should know where this is going.

The first tab called ‘What’s New?’ is self-explanatory. This place is filled with all the updates that might interest you as a user, so make sure to check that out from time to time. There you can also learn more about the site from other users, which is a great feature.

Then, you have the actual ‘Forum’ tab where you get to learn about a lot of naughty things. For example, you can get the industry insight and some of the juiciest cam connections. If you are a new user, you should definitely check out the Newbie Board and learn all there is to know about this website in general.

Of course, for you to truly enjoy this website, you will have to create a profile, and the registration is free. It is a longer process than usual, but it is relatively easy. Once you become a member, you will be able to create your own threads and comment on other forum topics, as well as chat with other people. also offers a Blog tab where you will get to learn more about other people, and how they got thousands of subscribers, and such similar stories. This site is perfect for those who are trying to become famous in the online world, or they are looking for great webcam girls.


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