One of the hottest girls has decided to please all her fans on her own site. PatriciaGoddess is a site that has many videos and photos available for every user. The design of the site is simple and navigating through the site is easier than anywhere else. The bright background color points out everything important so, there will be no problems with finding anything you are looking for.

This gorgeous model made all her video available for free, but they are short videos. If you want to look at the whole video, you have to pay for it. It is stated on the site that if you want some wish fulfilled, you have to award the model with a lot of money. In return, she makes a video with everything you asked for, as long as it is possible to do it. Every video is in full HD and there are no lags during the video. If you have a slower internet connection, you can lower the quality so the video can load much faster.

Photos on this site can be bought just like videos. Small pictures are also available for free, but if you want to look at the whole picture, or if you want to download it, you will have to buy it. Both photos and videos are updated weekly so there is new content every now and then.

Subscribing to this site has its own privileges and you can decide how long you want to be a member of this site. There is a promotional offer that allows you to try out the site for 1 week for $10. However, the regular subscription costs $20 per month and there are no offers for longer subscrption than just for 1 month.


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