Looking for someone to chat with, well, why not visit TinyChat? This site takes us back to the 90s way of chatting, but, this is not just a site past its prime. TinyChat intended everything to be like that because it is so easy for everyone out there to understand and chat with whomever they want.

However, unlike other chat platforms where you get to watch the person you are chatting with, also known as cam websites, here it is not all about sex and nudity. You can find many respectable people here, which does not mean that cam girls aren’t, who love to simply chat and show you their skills in other departments.

For example, you can run into a guy who loves to talk about car repairs with others while using a bong, while you can also meet another lad who enjoys playing games and sharing the experience; sort of like how people do on Twitch. But, TinyChat also has a good amount of gorgeous ladies here who love to chat and have fun too.

Nevertheless, this is still a webcam site where people sometimes like to get a bit kinky but mostly do not. This also means that you will have to purchase coins if you want to make friends, and you can also send them virtual gifts. There are different offers, from 500 coins of $4.99 to 20k coins of $149.99; all depends on how much time you will be spending here.

If you want, you can also create your chat room, and start streaming your everyday life. This way, you can also meet a lot of interesting people who love to chat, as you exchange virtual presents and talk. So choose your poison, find the right person for you to chat with, or just start streaming yourself!


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