Simply put, is very similar to Omegle, as you will be given the same designed chat room, and you can search for strangers to chat with. The search is also the same since those strangers will be decided randomly, hence the name of the site, but you can still choose if you want them to be male, female or couple.

There are many other attempts to make a similar site to the original, but one could say that is one of the closest, and there is no doubt you will like it. The reason why you would visit this site instead of the original is simply that there are a lot of people for you to meet.

At one time, ChatRandom can have up to 20.000 online users, who are all waiting for you to meet them and chat. Some of them love to turn on their cameras and show their faces, while others prefer to keep it a bit mysterious and enjoy a pleasant conversation.

But, like any other live webcam site, a lot of things can happen. Everything happens live, so you can see many different things; from talented men and ladies to those who love to get straight down to business, and pull out their junk.

The best thing is that you do not have to pay for the chat, but you will have to verify that you are 18-years or older. This site was founded in 2011, and it offers the professional interface and a number of different chat options; from just friends, or college, to gay & Bi to random singles & dating. While this site does not offer quite as much as you would probably like it to, it is enough to make your day better. So, visit when you are feeling kinky or lonely, and enjoy chatting with strangers.


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