There are still old fashioned people out there who love to talk with the model over a phone. This site is all about that exact thing. NiteFlirt has lots of models who are willing to talk with everyone who calls them. If you don’t want to just talk with the model, you can also enjoy a live stream while talking with her. Not all models are available at all times, but they have thought of pleasing their fans even when they are offline. You can select a section where only recorded phone sex talks are available.

Every model here has a relaxing voice and all users have left this place much happier than they were before. This site doesn’t have a free demo so, you will have to be extra careful when you start picking a model. The price for a phone sex can vary because some models offer more than others. Prices go from $1.99 to $6.99 per minute. However, most models charge $2.99 per minute and that is the average price.

When it comes to the live show with a model, we can guarantee that the video quality is the best around. Every detail is visible and the movement is always fluid. Some models offer a feature in their shows for moving a camera with a remote control.

This site has guys, girls and even transsexual models available. Searching for some specific model is not available with just a few features. The first one is categories. There are 10 categories available¬†and every category has a sub-category. If someone doesn’t have money for those expensive models, he can sort models out by their price. All models are required to be fluent in English so no one should worry about talking with a model that doesn’t understand you.


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