Can you imagine a site that is a lot like Facebook but with one big difference, all the content is on the kinky side? Well, that is how you can describe this number one dating site called AdultFriendFinder to all new users, and as soon as you create your free account you will be able to browse all the options. However, while the registration might be free, you still have an option to upgrade your profile and with that come a lot of different privileges you can enjoy.

There are three different premium memberships and they will cost you; 1-month membership of $19.95, 3-month membership of $19.93/month (the most popular one) and the 12-month membership of $14.95/month. The reason why people settle for a premium membership is simply that the premium members get more traffic because you will get options to highlight your profile and be on top of the list.

As it was already mentioned, this site is pretty much like Facebook with a little kinky twist. People are able to send you private messages and you can choose to reply or not. You can browse the public wall, which shows all the popular posts or the posts from your friends. What people choose to show can be as kinky as they want it to be, and you will also have an option to edit your profile and post any pictures or videos you want.

There are many different options that allow you to edit your profile and search for your perfect mate. You can also view only the members who are online or the content that is currently popular. Sometimes, you might actually get lost in so many different site options, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. It does not matter if you are looking for something casual or a bit personal because AdultFriendFinder offers both!


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