In the past, the cam sites started out quite differently than we know them today. Girls used to broadcast their life online, no matter if they were sleeping, cooking, masturbating or having sex, and later this act developed into the live cams we know today. However, if you miss the old times, you should check out

Once you visit this site, you will already have a random session opened, and on the side, you can choose from other cams you want to view. Currently, there are not that many people who host their lives online, but there are still a bunch you can choose from. They are sorted by couples, roommates, girls on vacation and couples on vacation.

A great thing about this site is that there is a camera in every single room in their house, so no matter what they are doing you will be able to watch them. However, not all rooms will be free, of course, as we all know that the kinkiest things happen in the bathroom and bedroom.

For you to view the rooms, you will see a list on the right side, as well as the mapping of their whole house in general. The locked rooms can be unlocked with a membership and you have two different membership offers: the standard membership, and the premium membership.

The difference between the two memberships is that the standard membership will let you access 7 apartments and look at 3 different streams at the same time. On the other hand, the premium membership includes over 260 cams and 22 apartments, and up to 5 different streams you can watch.

You will also get to enjoy the motion detection and preview of all the popular cams, together with some other options. So, if you want to take a leap to the old-school way of camming, you should definitely visit


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