Is there something better than looking at good looking guys who are ready to fulfill all your wishes? Well, GoLiveGuys is a site filled with mostly young models who are waiting for every fan at all times. This site has around 200 models online at most times and little over 4,000 of them are registered on the site. Navigating through the site is simple because everything is just one click away. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy, there is enough content for everyone.

Many people would want to test the show before spending some money on it, but this site offers only free chat. Free chat show can be useful because you can ask that model anything and based on that, you know if you are going to continue or skip to the next model. There are no free shows, so paying for the show need to be done before opening it. Every model has a profile and there is enough information there to know all the important things about someone.

The price of a live show can vary because not all models are ready to do the same things. Based on most shows, the average price is around $3 per minute, but there are shows that are cheaper and more expensive. The price doesn’t determine the quality of a show because this site has cheap shows that are much better than those expensive ones.

The video quality is always important and this site has only the best shows. Most shows are in full HD, but there are just a few shows that are in medium to high quality. Every show has a fluid picture and there is no problem with the internet connection. Some cameras can be even controlled with a remote control during the live show.


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