If someone is looking for smokin’ hot guys with amazing shows, then CameraBoys is a perfect place for that person. This site has more than 4,000 registered models and more than 200 of them are constantly online. You get to choose one guy that you like and the fun can begin. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for straight or gay guys. This site has everything someone searches for.

Having free shows is one of the most important things and this site has exactly that. The free show is available with every online model who isn’t in a private show. Multiple features are available in both free and private shows like the chat window, model’s profile and you can even take a screenshot at any moment of the show.

This site uses credits as a payment method and the store offers 5 packages with credits. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR, but every package except the least expensive has a bonus amount of credits on top of the already bought amount. Credits can be bought through PayPal and you are just 1 click away from starting the fun. The price of a private show varies from the show to the next one, but the average price is $1.98 per minute. Shows that are charged $0.98 per minute can also be found, and those shows can sometimes be better than those expensive ones.

Finding a specific model is important for most of the people because not everyone likes the same thing. This site has multiple search options, but the advanced search is the best one. It allows you to select up to 6 tags that will help you with the search. Models can be also searched with the categories or by their rating.


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