Regular sites with hot babes are mainstream nowadays because all sites are pretty much the same. There aren’t many sites like FetishGalaxy.com where you get to find every fetish that exists. This site has little over 2000 registered models and around 100 of them are online at most hours. Navigating through the site is simple because everything important is in a visible place.

This site offers both free and private shows for every user. It doesn’t matter if you have an account or not, you can look at free shows at all times if the model is online. The free show has a free chat window that allows you to talk with the model. This feature is the best if you are using it to find out what some model is willing to do in the private show and what she doesn’t like.

Private shows can contain pretty much anything, it just depends on which fetish you select. Models here are prepared to comply with every request, as long as it is asked politely. The price of a private show varies from the show to the next one because some shows are much better than others. However, the average price is around $3 per minute, but cheaper and more expensive shows can be found. The site uses credits as the payment method and the price of 1 credit is exactly $1.

The video quality is in most cases in HD, but there are a few cameras that are in medium to high quality. The most important thing is that every show’s picture is fluid and there are no problems with the connection. Some cameras are even equipped with movement options, so moving the camera during the show is available with a remote control.


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