Looking at the mainstream shows is an outdated thing because Fetish.net offers only kinky shows with each model. The site has girls, boys and even transsexual models available for every user. There are more than 100 models online at all hours and that number constantly rises up. Shows are available for users without an account even, but those shows are blurry because of its protection.

There are both free and premium shows available with every model. The free show can be used at all times and there is no time limit for any shows. The best feature in the free show is the chat window and every model focuses on responding to each text. However, keep in mind that models like those members who are spending some money on them.

The video quality is in most cases medium to high. There are a few shows that are in full HD and there are also a few shows that have low video quality. However, the most important thing is that the picture is fluid in all shows.

Creating an account requires you to pay for a test if you want to secure your account. That test costs $2. The average price of a show can vary from the show to the next one because some models are willing to do more than others. Most shows cost around $3 per minute, but you can also find cheaper and much more expensive shows.

Searching for a small group of a specific model can be done with two features. The first one is search engine that allows you to type in the model’s name. The better feature is to use tags and categories that will redirect you to the page with specific models or fetish.


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