This is yet another website that gives you a great software that enhances the functionality of your webcam. SplitCamera.com is definitely worth the visit if you enjoy having casual video chat sessions with different people, as you will be given many options to customize your webcam experience.

Here, you will be offered different webcam effects that always result in positive feedback as you get to chat with your family, friends or random strangers on live chat sites. In addition, this site also allows you to use the split camera option when you video stream.

With SplitCam you will be able to chat with whomever you wish, and it also offers great live streaming options for those who love to stay relevant. With the cool webcam options on top, you will surely get everyone’s attention if you prefer to live stream what you are doing or playing. Feel free to use your cam in different applications, without having to deal with the usual “webcam busy” error.

Besides that, you should know that SplitCam offers HD video broadcast, but if you cannot support that, you are offered many different resolutions. So it does not matter if your webcam supports 320×180 resolution or it can go up to 2048x1536m because SplitCam offers those, and all the resolutions in-between.

If you are interested in downloading this app, you should know that it is completely free and if you visit their site, you will be given a guide on how to install. It definitely takes the live streaming to a whole new level, with a lot of different 3D effects that make things much more engaging for everyone. Simply put, if you love to live stream or have video chats with your friends, family or anyone else, you will definitely benefit from downloading this great app to your platform.



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