While there are many cam sites out there that you can enjoy, there are not that many educational ones that could teach you how to become a webcam model. Well, if you are interested in earning money by stripping or doing other activities online, then you might want to check out OCamGirl.com.

This site has a lot to offer, as you will be able to tell from the homepage, with all of the random articles posted. You can find articles such as ‘A CamGirl’s Guide for Twitter’, ‘ Why to Pack Your Webcam Cam For A Trip’, ‘The Right Lightning For Webcam Models’ and so on. Basically, all of the articles will tell you the good and the bad sides of doing this job as well as how you should do it.

If you are completely new to the webcam community, then you should visit the tab labeled ‘Start Here’, where everything will be explained in detail. After that, you can check out their Cam Site reviews, which can tell you which site is the most appropriate for you to work on.

You can also visit the ‘Interviews’ tab, where you will get to meet a lot of webcam models who have a story to share. These models are having a Q/A session, where a ton of different questions will be asked, from how they started, to what they like or dislike, and even their weirdest user request.

While this site might not offer webcam girls, per say, it does offer tips on how to become one. So if you came here looking for shows, you will not find them and if you want to become a model, you are welcome. Explore OCamGirl.com and you will surely learn the way of the webcam model.


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