Now, this is a rather interesting site, as does not offer much on its own, but it has external links that will take you to the right place. Basically, this is a site that promotes other cam websites, more precisely, after clicking on ‘Watch me Live’ it will take you to a site called

You also have an option so see ‘MyFreeCams Profile’, which is obviously going to take you to the same site, where you can view profiles of their models. There are quite a bunch of adorable and sexy babes on that site, which is why it is definitely worth the visit.

MyFreeCams on its own is a great webcam site, but it is lacking a bit in the design. It kind of resembles a random ad, but do not be fooled by how it looks. The options that are given to you are the same as on any other webcam site. Simply put, find the right webcam girl for yourself, be nice to her, and watch her strip while tipping her generously.

There is also an option to visit the twitter page of AmberCutie, and one thing that can be quite annoying is that all of the external links take a while to load. Once you visit the twitter page, you will see that it is basically a page promoting webcam sites and girls.

If you are interested in what else this site might have to offer, then you should visit the forum page. Other than that, there is nothing else that could be added about AmberCutie, since it is essentially, as all the links that are offered will take you to there, but seeing that it is not a bad webcam site, why not give it a chance?


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